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HIV Self Test Kit - FAST, Accurate result in 15 minutes!
The HIV Self Test Kit is a test to determine the presence of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) in Human Blood. HIV Self Test Kit is the same test approved for and used in hospitals and clinics nationwide to test for HIV. Rather than you having to go to a clinic or hospital to test and wait days before test result, the HIV Self Test Kit provides private at-home HIV testing with fast and reliable result, and at a time when you needed to know the most!


Instant and easy to understand result.
"I received my HIV testing kit today, it is so easy to use that I completed the test within minutes. I am very happy to know I am not infected with the HIV virus. Thank You!"

Negative Result        Positive Result

The HIV Home Access HIV test is an at-home approved doctor recommended test that offers over 99.9% accuracy. Each home test kit comes with collection supplies for collecting and mailing your sample of blood to a certified laboratory for analysis.

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